About Us

We are mandated to strengthen democratic values and responsible citizenship within the Chinese Canadian communities.

Our activities and programs cover but not limited to educational content related to democracy, governance, elections, political parties, the Canadian justice system, the Charters, economics, civil society, human rights and the environment.

The Chinese Canadians Goto Vote Association maintains to be a non-partisan organization.

If you want to contact us, please email to: info@ccgtv.org

就差你一票“寻求改变是我生命的一部分,年龄不是我奉献社会的限制”——专访本拿比市选候选人Mike Hillman

The Chinese Canadians Goto Vote Association is a no-partisan and no-candidate-leaning non-profit organization committed to improving voter turnout and the quality of voting in the Chinese Canadian community and fostering communication and collaboration between voters and political candidates.
Voting is a fundamental right for Chinese Canadians! As the election draws near, let's make our voices heard by casting our ballots. One vote, one voice. Your vote matters!